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Extra Credit Assignments Joshua Dray 4/27/11 Dr. Nordbrock Word Count: 1675 Army Ball: This past semester our ROTC detachment had a group outing at Bucky’s Casino in Prescott. Everyone was supposed to get a date if at all possible, and luckily my roommate, Steven, was able to have one of his friends from NAU come and be my date for the night. We started the night off at about 6PM, arriving at the Casino just in time for all of the Cadre members to start drinking. It was a sure start to a great night. Once the night began, each couple was announced and greeted by the cadre members and their spouses individually. It was actually very nice the way that they ushered us into the area where we were to sit down. For dinner we had the option of eating steak, salmon, or chicken; both myself and my date had steak for dinner. After dinner we had a guest speaker come and
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speak to the future officers of our School’s ROTC branch. It was quite interesting going and having a nice talk, after the speech we had the retreat of the colors, and then we were able to leave or go out and dance. Our group decided it was time to go back to our room, and we came back and that was the end of the night. Steven and his friends stayed together and watched a movie. It was a night full of memories, and great moments for us all to remember. Every year the army has some sort of outing for the entire ROTC detachment to go to. This year we had the military ball, the year previous we had dining out. Dining out is a more sheltered event which only the cadets get to experience. There are no dates, and it is often filled with inside jokes, and a night of laughter in which the cadets get to experience an awesome night of comradery. Army Award Ceremony: Towards the end of the semester the Army has a large award ceremony in which they give away awards to many of the cadets that have gone above and beyond what is required of them. Several of my friends received awards this year, My friend Crockett Colbert received an award for outside performance in our Military Science class. My roommate steven received two very nice awards, one was for excellence in grades as well as PT. The other was a scholarship which he applied to for $2000 dollars. He
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Extra Credit - Nordbrock - Extra Credit Assignments Joshua...

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