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Humanities Final Paper - Kelley 1 There are many underlying...

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Kelley 1 There are many underlying themes of literature, but no theme has been more prevalent than in the stories read in this Humanities class. The dramas, Antigone and Othello, as well as a novel, The Joy Luck Club, offer great examples of preconceptions of others. King Creon’s misconception of the abilities of women brings his own downfall in Antigone. Othello’s mistrust in women only brings tragedy in the end of his story. Lastly, all the daughters of the Joy Luck Club struggle in their preconception that American culture is superior to Chinese culture. The preconceptions of the characters of Antigone, Othello, and Waverly Jong blind themselves from reality and strain or destroy the relationships that are dear to them. Antigone is the story of a woman who was capable of overcoming preconceptions and fallacies to do the right thing. Antigone is a woman who is (She was?) unable to allow herself to sit back and do nothing, just because society tells her that she is supposed to. The play begins with the tragic news of the death of her brothers. Upon hearing the news, Antigone shares the news with her sister, Ismene. As Antigone shares the news of the deaths of her brothers, she expands to tell her sister of Creon’s orders for burial of the brothers. Antigone refuses to follow the orders of Creon. Creon has ordered that one brother, Eteocles shall receive the burial of a hero, while his brother , (the other ) Polynices, shall not be buried. Antigone and Ismene diverge on different paths at this point in the story. Ismene acknowledges society’s view of women and finds that in this view she is incapable of doing anything. Antigone refuses to
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Kelley 2 accept the preconception that women are weak and takes matters into her own hands. King Creon was incapable of respecting women for the power they truly possessed. King Creon (He) was appointed to be king over Thebes after disaster in Oedipus’ entire family. With all other heirs deceased, Oedipus is the successor to the throne . (Due to all of the other heirs being deceased, Oedipus became the
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Humanities Final Paper - Kelley 1 There are many underlying...

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