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Minor poetry paper - manner but 4 What are my personal...

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Joshua Dray HU 142 Spring 4/18/2011 1. Which selection do I like the best? a. I enjoyed the Jilting of Granny Weatherall the best of the poems that we read as a class. 2. What appeals to me? a. I thought the way the poem appealed to me was through the way it was narrated. It was so colorfully narrated, and the story it told was so clearly understood. 3. What confuses me? a. I did not understand why it was that the author had a sad ending. I usually only enjoy stories that end in a positive
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Unformatted text preview: manner, but 4. What are my personal criteria for judgment? 5. What were the reasons I chose the poem I did? (Why specifically did I like it?) 6. How did I determine what to write about the poem? Did I use the questions posed in the text as thought stimulators? As thought organizers? Did I take notes as I read? Did I read the work first and then make notes? 7. What ideas do I agree with? Reject? 8. What passages do I not understand?...
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