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Informative Speech Outline - COMS 101/November 3, 2008...

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COMS 101/November 3, 2008 Informative Speech Outline/Mehl Vanessa Reapor General Purpose: To speak on an informative topic. Specific Purpose: At the conclusion of my speech, my audience will be able to remember: the causes and resolutions of an international rice shortage. Introduction There are about 6.7 billion in the entire world, and about half depend on rice. To these people rice is more than just a grain; it depicts the cycle of life. “For Vietnamese babies, rice is the first type of food he or she eats. In Taiwan, chopsticks in a pile of rice represent death. Rice has not only influenced culture, but the giants of the car industry as well: Toyota means bountiful rice field, and Honda translates to main rice field.” 1 However, “the price of rice is skyrocketing all over the world due to a supply decrease.” 2 For this reason we must educate ourselves to the causes of this international rice shortage, and to the solutions that are taking place. Body I. There is no definite origin for the rice crisis. A. For instance, bad weather of “floods and droughts in many Asian countries have affected the rice output.” 2 B. Also, “Asia’s population growth outpaces rice output.” 3 C. “At the same time, the increasing industrialization of Asian countries has shrunk the size of available land to grow rice.” 3 1. “Land owners are converting farmland into golf courses and residential areas.” 2 2. According to Dr. Onofre Corpuz, a prominent Filipino scientist, “farmers are planting cash crops other than export products such as rice.” 4
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Informative Speech Outline - COMS 101/November 3, 2008...

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