Interview Project Assignment #3 Part 2

Interview Project Assignment #3 Part 2 - COMS 101/October...

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COMS 101/October 16, 2008 Interview Project Assignment#3/Mehl Vanessa Reapor “It’s all about communication,” as Tina Shintaku excitedly stated with her arms neatly folded on top of her office desk. Tina Shintaku is the Senior Organizational Development Specialist for the American Honda Motor Company in Torrance, California. As an Organizational Development Specialist, it is Tina’s responsibility to “train, teach and maximize the productivity of all employees.” Although, this wasn’t her first occupational choice, she honestly admits that due to her “lack of planning” she “simply fell” into her career. Tina received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English and International Relations at Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan. After shortly moving to the United States of America she interned for the County Government Office of San Bernardino, California, and her colleagues suggested she take extra classes to gain further experience and knowledge. Through her motivation and drive, Tina earned a master’s degree in Business Administration, also referred to as a MBA, at California Polytechnic State University Pamona. However, her avowed identity of “poor planning” has provided her with a stable professional career of twenty-six years where communication is seen as a top priority that “means everything whether it is written or spoken.” Communicating with others is a daily unconscious and conscious routine that is
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Interview Project Assignment #3 Part 2 - COMS 101/October...

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