Interview Project Assignment #3 Questions

Interview Project Assignment #3 Questions - 12 What are...

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1) What is your full name? 2) What is your degree? 3) Where do you work? 4) How long have you been working with your company? 5) What is your current occupation/position? 6) Please describe your job. 7) What role does communication play in your professional career? 8) How important is communication with others in your occupation? 9) How do you communicate with co-workers that you have problems with? 10) Have you considered “bridging barriers” to those you are in conflict with? If so, how? 11) Have you ever given bad news to an employee/co-worker? If so, how?
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Unformatted text preview: 12) What are some ways to guarantee successful communication? 13) Since you are also a supervisor, how can you establish a strong foundation of communication with your staff? 14) What are the differences between communicating with groups and an individual? 15) What rules should be followed when addressing employees? 16) What rules should you follow when you are communicating your own supervisor/boss/manager? 17) Do you think stereotyping or discrimination occurs in your job?...
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