Matrix 1.5 Assignment #2

Matrix 1.5 Assignment #2 - COMS 101/October 6, 2008 Matrix...

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COMS 101/October 6, 2008 Matrix 1.5 Assignment #2/Mehl Vanessa Reapor 1. I did not bring my car with me to college, but back home I own a hypnotic teal 2008 Scion XB that I got for my 18 th birthday. I own a wide range of clothes from different colors to brands. Currently, I live in one of the six “red brick” South Mountain dorms called Trinity, and Rachel, a friend from my hometown, is my roommate. My furniture that I am using was provided by the school. As of right now I do not have a job, but my parents are insisting that I get one. I am 4’10”, a legal midget. I have a square face with two moles located on the right side. My hair is shoulder length with side swept bangs. I would never classify myself as popular, but I was “well known” in high school because I was on Varsity Cheer team and a member of Advanced Dance. My friends and I are all very diverse and crazy people. For instance, we address one another by our self- created nicknames. I am not ashamed to say that I’ve never had a romantic relationship. My family means the world to me, and I strongly classify them as my key source of support. My mom, Editha, is a preschool teacher. My dad, Romeo, is a longshoreman. I have three older brothers named Vincent, Roy, and Tristan. I have no children, and I don’t plan on starting my own family anytime soon. I am pretty content with my life right now, but the food I consume could be a little better. I find joy when my friends and
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Matrix 1.5 Assignment #2 - COMS 101/October 6, 2008 Matrix...

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