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Graded Loneliness Survey

Graded Loneliness Survey - clear to me that I could tell...

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Reapor, Vanessa Psychology 201 Section 01 December 3, 2008 Graded Loneliness Survey When I re-took the UCLA Loneliness Survey I received a score of twenty-five. I think the score I received was very accurate. As I was reading the questions, I realized people constantly surround me. I come from a big family, and I never once felt alone or neglected. Growing up, my parents, brothers, aunts, uncles, and older cousins made it
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Unformatted text preview: clear to me that I could tell them anything, and that is why I believe they are my main support system. I am lucky to also have friends that share the same interests, and are always a phone call away. At times, I like to spend some alone time to get away from all the chaos, and just to simply relax....
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