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Reapor, Vanessa Psychology 201 Section 01 December 5, 2008 Hello Article Coming from Long Beach, the fifth largest city in California, I can vaguely remember a stranger warmly greeting me with a hello or a good morning. However, being a three month resident of San Luis Obispo, I have encountered many welcoming greetings from the residents in my dorm, Trinity, to the strangers I see while walking around campus. Since then I have found myself greeting more and more people. From what I’ve in the “Hello Article” by Joe Kita, I wouldn’t mind to increasingly greet others whom I encounter. For instance, just from what I’ve learned in
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Unformatted text preview: Psychology and reading Loneliness we humans are in need for social connection. I strongly believe just by saying a simple word like “hi” will increase feelings of importance and acknowledgement. If I greeted strangers here in San Luis Obispo I think I will get the same response back. However, if I were to greet a stranger in Long Beach I would probably get mixed reactions and responses. I think this might happen because being in a heavy populated busy urban setting it seems like the majority of people are very work oriented. So if they were interrupted with a simple greeting it will most likely catch them off guard....
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