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Reapor, Vanessa Psychology 201 Section 01 December 5, 2008 Loneliness Review Overall, I really liked John T. Cacioppo and William Patrick’s book Loneliness . I liked the format of the book because it didn’t feel like a “traditional book.” This format kept me motivated to keep reading. I disliked how some parts made me feel. For example, the stories of the lonely people like Katie Bishop. It made me step into reality and realize the challenges of the everyday life. However, I did like how the authors emphasized that everyone whether it might not seem like it or not will or has experienced feelings of isolation or loneliness in their lifetime. I also liked the studies added into every chapter to support their theories and stories. I think by reading Loneliness
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Unformatted text preview: has made a great impact on my social environment and my living here in San Luis Obispo. For example, with the combined skills learned in my COMS 101 and the Loneliness book I think I am a better listener. By being a better listener, I have become more in tune with my surroundings. Also, I think I have become more understanding, and open- minded by accepting everyone is different. By accepting others for who they has helped avoid conflict. Therefore, I highly agree that the incoming freshmen classes at different universities should read Loneliness . One, it is an easy read. Two, an eighteen year old is ready to accept the facts of life. Three, I think it will also raise awareness of how we as humans are in need for social connection....
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