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Reapor 1 Vanessa Reapor Professor Johann English 134-55 18 February 2009 Mr. Suave Mr. Suave is a familiar term used by many Filipinos to describe a handsome man who uses suave or smooth tactics to win the hearts of many. With his angelic smile, sparkling brown eyes and Bengay scent, my grandpa Frank was without a doubt the epitome of a Mr. Suave. However, behind those pair of sparkling eyes revealed an arduous life of eighty-nine years that were filled with many learned lessons. Born as Francisco Salvaleon Villaverde in the province town of Lucban, Quezon, Philippines on April 2, 1919, Frank was the youngest of fourteen siblings. Unfortunately, some of his brothers and sisters died of cholera, “an infectious disease caused by the bacteria Vibrio cholerae, which affects the intestinal system of the body.” 1 Although Frank only finished seventh grade, he started to work at the age of eight to help support his family. He sold bread, and worked for a coconut farm that produced coconut oil. In 1936, at the young age of seventeen, Frank ran away from home hoping to flourish in the “big city” of Manila, Philippines. In Manila, he made and sold street foods like pancakes, and was also was a tricycle driver, which is similar to a taxi driver. In November 4, 1941, Frank was inducted to the United States Armed Forces of the Far East at Camp Murphy in Quezon City, Philippines as a Medical Core. His
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Profile Essay:Writer's Memo - Reapor 1 Vanessa Reapor...

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