Rhetoric Essay Rough Draft

Rhetoric Essay Rough Draft - Reapor 1 Reapor, Vanessa...

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Reapor 1 Reapor, Vanessa Professor Johann English 134-55 25 February 2009 Death, the Price of Fame? Close your eyes and imagine yourself peacefully eating lunch on a beautiful Saturday afternoon at Firestone Grill’s outdoor patio. As you lean in closer to take a bite of your cheese or garden burger, a photographer carelessly jumps on top of your table, aims the camera directly towards your face, and snaps away. These pictures will be found broadcasted on national television, in newsstands across the country, and leaked on the Internet. Now open your eyes. Although this is a hypothetical scenario, you have just become one of the many countless victims of a paparazzi attack. According to Robert Valdes, a writer of How Stuff Works, “Paparazzi are photographers who tirelessly hunt celebrities, public figures and their families for the opportunity to photograph them in candid unflattering and at times compromising moments.” 1 Aggressive paparazzi, a form of paparazzi, creates dangerous and life threatening situations, and should be stopped. Today the origin of Paparazzi is still unknown. In 1960, “Federico Fellini’s internationally popular film La Dolce Vita , Italian for “The Sweet Life,” focuses on the life of a jaded journalist, Marcello, and his photographer colleague, Paparazzo.” 2 Its “resemblance to the Sicilian word, papataceo, an oversize mosquito buzzing, hovering, darting, and stinging” 2 influenced the name of Paparazzo. “Fellini’s main inspiration for the character of Paparazzo was the famous Italian street photographer Tazio
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Reapor 2 Secchiaroli.” 1 Secchiaroli snapped photos of celebrities such as Anthony Steele in a public argument with Anita Ekberg. These types of photos started a trend in Europe with America following shortly after. “The incorporation of the word paparazzi into the English language is tied indefinitely to La Dolce Vita when Time magazine introduced the word to the American public in an article entitled, Paparazzi on the Prowl.” 2 “In essence, the paparazzi are freelance photographers.” 1 “A freelance
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Rhetoric Essay Rough Draft - Reapor 1 Reapor, Vanessa...

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