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COMPUTER SCIENCE 349A Handout Number 1 NUMERICAL ANALYSIS is the study of algorithms for solving problems of continuous mathematics . key words: continuous mathematics algorithms -- means that real or complex -- most problems of continuous variables are involved mathematics cannot be solved exactly by finite -- the floating-point representation algorithms using the basic of real/complex numbers in arithmetic operations + - * / digital computers is not exact, (for example, roots of thus only approximate polynomials, problems solutions can be computed: involving differentiation
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Unformatted text preview: concept of roundoff error or integration) --implication : the algorithms used to solve these problems would not give the exact solution even if exact arithmetic were used: concept of truncation error Numerical Analysis is concerned with accurate, efficient approximation of solutions to problems of continuous mathematics. -- applications : most problems in science and engineering; also graphics, image processing, models of computer networks, biological systems, etc. One aspect of numerical analysis: the study of errors....
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