Friday CP CJ - command The chief of Police has the final...

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The recruitment process in Atlanta is recruiters must complete 21 weeks of high physical training. Police recruits will receive a minimum of 900 hours of classroom instruction/training at the Atlanta Police Academy, 240 hours of field training. Recruit must qualify on the Georgia Double/Semi-automatic Pistol Course. An applicant must be able to pass a criminal background check that consist of employment, criminal, financial, and military history, and references. All medical and psychological tests have to be completed before being admitted to the police academy if an applicant is allowed in the academy he/she will be paid for the training( Atlanta Police Department, (APD) n d). If an applicant has passed all the above phases, his/her file will then is send through the chain of
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Unformatted text preview: command. The chief of Police has the final decision. The applicant then receives a conditional offer of employment, and then he/she will have a pre-employment medical, psychological, and physical agility exam, the physical agility test is a five-event test in which the applicant must pass each separate event. When the applicant passes all of the examinations, the Chief of Police will review the file for final approval. When the applicant receives a final approval, he/she will be notified by the human resource division, which is the actual first date of employment with the City of Atlanta Police Department. Reference Atlanta Police Department Atlanta Police Foundation
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Friday CP CJ - command The chief of Police has the final...

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