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Quiz4 - ψ x 0 = √ 3 φ 1 x φ 3 x where φ n denotes the...

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PHY4221 Quantum Mechanics I (Fall 2004) Quiz 4 Consider a particle of mass m moving in a one-dimensional infinite potential well of width L , such that the origin O has been chosen to be the centre of the well. Suppose that at time t = 0 the wave function of the particle is given by
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Unformatted text preview: ψ ( x, 0) = √ 3 φ 1 ( x ) + φ 3 ( x ) where φ n denotes the normalised n th eigenfunction of the system. Calculate the ex-pectation value of momentum of the particle at any time t ≥ 0 and the corresponding uncertainty....
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