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Assn2 - Problem 8.2 p.349 Q2 G Problem 8.4 p.355 Q3 G...

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PHY 4211 Electromagnetic theory and Optics 2010 Assignment 2 Due: Friday Jan 29, 2010 Do all problems, but hand in ONLY questions marked with * (e.g. Q2*) (G=Griffiths) Q1: G
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Unformatted text preview: Problem 8.2 , p.349. Q2*: G Problem 8.4 , p.355. Q3: G Problem 8.5 , p.357. Q4*: G Problem 8.11 (a), (b), p.362, (see also Example 5.11, p.236 and Problem 5.36, p.246)....
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