Assn4 - z t kx E E ˆ ) cos( ω − = r on a perfectly...

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PHY 4211 Electromagnetic theory and Optics 2010 Assignment 4 Due: Friday February 12, 2010 Do all problems, but hand in ONLY questions marked with * (e.g. Q2*) (G=Griffiths) Use my notation E instead of E ~ for complex amplitudes. Q1*: Find the total radiation force produced by a plane wave
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Unformatted text preview: z t kx E E ˆ ) cos( ω − = r on a perfectly reflecting sphere of radius R , and on a perfectly absorbing sphere of the same radius. Q2: G Problem 9.14 , p.386. Q3*: G Problem 9.16 , p.392. Q4*: G Problem 9.17 , p.392....
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