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PHY 4211 Electromagnetic theory and Optics 2010 Assignment 5 Due: Friday February 26, 2010 Do all problems, but hand in ONLY questions marked with * (e.g. Q2*) (G=Griffiths) Use my notation ( E , B ) instead of ( B E ~ , ~ ) for complex amplitudes. Q1: G Problem 9.27 , p.411. Q2: G Problem 9.28 , p. 411. Q3*: Determine the limiting values of the width a of a wave guide of square cross section that will transmit a wave of length
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Unformatted text preview: λ in the TE 10 mode but not the TE 11 or TM 11 modes. Q4*: Consider the TM 11 mode of the rectangular wave guide in Figure 9.24, G p.408. Calculate the time-averaged Poynting vector and EM energy density and obtain the velocity of energy transported down the wave guide from these quantities. Compare with the group velocity obtained from the dispersion relation for this mode....
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