Week 6 - Hierarchy of Authority

Week 6 - Hierarchy of Authority - Hierarchy of Authority...

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Hierarchy of Authority Shallow levels of hierarchy are not uncommon anymore +Control, coordination, incentives, motivation - Communication distorted, disincentives when not promoted. Often the lowest tier people have the most knowledge. The problem is not that there aren’t enough rewards to go around, but that there aren’t enough positions of power. Solution – Delegation of Authority, Zig Zag Mobility Pattern: offering those not promoted to be removed to branch offices to separate them from the ‘seam of their failure’. Then at first opportunity they will zag one of them back. Impersonality +Positions interact, persons do not -Alienated workers believe company does not care Written Rules/Procedures + Coordination, control, consistency - Goal displacement, workers lose sight of goals of organization Company becomes handcuffed by rules. Worker creativity stifled. Hiring and Promotion Based on technical competence + rewards merit - workers feel merit outweighs seniority, “Peter Principle” Solutions: make rewards available without having to change duties within company. Reward workers with good human relations skills Japanese Companies In the 70s, 80s and into the 90s we looked to Japan for insight on how to improve our bureaucratic structure. They reward groups for the effort and put the emphasis on groups
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Week 6 - Hierarchy of Authority - Hierarchy of Authority...

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