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CF03.Syllabus. Moore.F2011 - CHRISTIAN FORMATION THEO...

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CHRISTIAN FORMATION THEO 101.03 Fall 2011 School of Theology and Christian Ministry T-Th: 1:30 – 2:20 Professor: Frank Moore Location: WN 137 Office: Burke 304, Phone 815.928.5447 Credit: 3 Hours Office hours: See Professor E-mail address: [email protected] Course Description – This course is designed to explore issues of the church, holy and ethical living, church/faith development, spiritual disciplines and church practices, and distinction between vocation and occupation. This course will not only prioritize areas of the church, spiritual formation and theological ethics, but will also prepare the way for engagement with Scripture. 3 Hours. . Objectives – This course should enable attentive and diligent students to: 1. Learn a basic knowledge of Scripture and how it can shape our lives daily 2. Gain a working knowledge of the basic doctrines of the Christian Faith 3. Reflect on your own personal faith 4. Understand and experience practices of the Christian lifestyle 5. Learn to relate your personal faith to the catholic (universal) church 6. Explore and define dimensions of Kingdom life and community 7. Learn to value authentic dialogue. 8. Engage creatively with the content of the class. Note: While this course will work from the faith perspective of Olivet Nazarene University, students' personal faith commitment will be carefully respected. Texts: Primary Text: The Bible - You may use the translation you prefer Secondary Texts: *C.S. Lewis, The Great Divorce , Harper Collins, 1973 Alister McGrath, Christianity, An Introduction; Blackwell Publishing, 2006. Second edition. (Black and Red copy) *Foster, Richard J. Celebration of Discipline *Students may use other editions of these texts.
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CF03.Syllabus. Moore.F2011 - CHRISTIAN FORMATION THEO...

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