Controversial Doctrines

Controversial Doctrines - Krajec Anna Krajec Dustin Hogan /...

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Krajec Anna Krajec Dustin Hogan / Dr. Moore Christian Formation 10/16/11 Controversial Doctrines The Apostle’s Creed serves as a bare-bones outline of what Christians believe. It describes the almighty nature of God, the saving power of Jesus Christ, and the constant presence of the Holy Spirit. As other issues come into play in the church, however, a bare-bones description of God’s will is nowhere to be found. As the early church began to grow and evolve, problems encountered in daily living, church leadership, and interpretation of the Word became divisive. As a result, various Christian doctrines exist today among thousands of denominations. Three of these doctrines concern alcohol, infant baptism, and speaking in tongues. I have grown up in a church opposed to these things, but their morality or biblical nature is not as clear-cut as one might assume. The Nazarene church is very forthright on its views on alcohol—it is not acceptable in any fashion and is not glorifying to God. Those who accept the Nazarene doctrine accept abstinence from this and all other intoxicating substances. Other Christian denominations do not have stances as severe as the Nazarene one on the subject; Lutherans, for instance, maintain the moderationist position—that alcohol is a gift from God and can be enjoyed, but still possesses real danger. I have grown up surrounded by the Nazarene attitude for most of my life—in
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Controversial Doctrines - Krajec Anna Krajec Dustin Hogan /...

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