Intro Paper - Krajec Anna Krajec Dustin Hogan / Dr. Moore...

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Krajec Anna Krajec Dustin Hogan / Dr. Moore Christian Formation 9/3/11 Identities When my feet hit the ground each morning, the time has to read an even number. I practice my handwriting. Going into new restaurants is intimidating because I might not know how to order correctly. Fortunately for me, my quirks are not my sum or total. I am also daughter, sister, swimmer, student. And above all, I am Beloved. I grew up in a two-parent household until my parents divorced in the fourth grade. I had an understanding even then that my parents lived better apart, but they have always managed to remain a team when it has come to raising me and my older brother. Neither has remarried and they live only about twenty-five miles apart. This allowed me to split my time between each of their houses through all of middle school and most of high school. Half way through my senior year, I chose to live full-time with my mom. My relationship with my dad was not healthy and quickly becoming destructive. Although that was difficult, I still consider myself lucky to have lived in homes where I never went without. I am not a jack of all trades; you will not find me in student government and clubs and at every event on campus. I am one to fixate on just a few things and devote myself to them. These two things have been the same for almost as long as I can remember: I am a swimmer, and
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Intro Paper - Krajec Anna Krajec Dustin Hogan / Dr. Moore...

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