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Rubric for Writing Papers

Rubric for Writing Papers - related to the topic with no...

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Rubric for Writing Papers All papers must be submitted on Safe Assignment through Blackboard, and before the beginning of your group’s allotted time. They are to be written in Times New Roman, 12 font, double spaced, with one inch margins on the side, bottom, and top, and one inch margins all the way around on each page following. They are to follow proper MLA formatting. The following gives you the breakdown for how your papers will be graded: 95-100 Shows excellence in thought pertaining to the week’s topic, and follows all the requirements for writing the paper. 90 and above Good content, well written, and shows critical thought and application 85 Meets the minimal expectations; 2-3 pages, proper formatting (see above), and shows some reflection and thought about the topic. 80 Not meeting expectations; short in length, improperly formatted, lacking in content
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Unformatted text preview: related to the topic, with no thought and rushed. 70 Poorly written, short in length, poor punctuation and sentence structure, and generally below the expected standard. 50 The grade begins here when submitted late. The highest grade late work can receive is a 50 except for extenuating circumstances as stated in the university handbook related to educational leniency. As per the instructions above, any paper submitted after the beginning of class time for your group will be considered late. If you are wanting feedback related to the grades you are receiving, a hard copy needs to be turned into the teacher the day they are due, in addition to submitting them to safe assignment. You will receive this copy with grading notations the following class period....
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