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STUDY GUIDE FOR CHRISTIAN FORMATION TEST # 1 Remember to bring to the exam: Your ONU Student ID Number A #2 pencil 1. You don’t have to know the “Apostles’ Creed”… for this test. 2. Review all Power-point presentations on the course website, especially noting: a. Definitions of words like: Theology: the study of God, Orthodoxy: correct beliefs, Heresy: wrong beliefs, Canon: rule of faith, Plenary inspiration: inerrantly revealing the will of God concerning us in all things necessary to our salvation , Perspicuity: If we study God’s word with deep commitment and desire we can know what we need to know about God and salvation, Hermeneutics: interpreting with the help of the Holy Spirit, and Paraphrase b. How God reveals Himself to humanity: in creation, human experience, the Bible c. Range of translations: Wycliff, KJV, NASV, NIV; literal, dynamic equivalent, paraphrase
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Unformatted text preview: d. Literary genres of both the Old and New Testaments: Law (Pentateuch), History (Joshua through Ester), Poem & song (Job through Song of Songs), prophetic, apocalyptic, letter, gospel e. Which books belong in each literary genre f. Relationship of Old Testament to New Testament: OT is the NT revealed. NT is the OT concealed. g. Reproduce diagram of revelation and explain it h. Principles of Interpretation 1. Normative: universal teachings for everyone 2. Descriptive: tell us what is happening 3. Corrective: deals with the issue at hand, probably not transferable 3. From McGrath’s “Christianity – An Introduction” a. Know terms such as: 1) Bible 2) Synoptic 3) Prophecy 4) Allegory b. Languages of the Bible: Hebrew and Aramaic, NT in Greek c. How the canon was decided/formed d. Primary English translations e. The Interpretation of the Bible...
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