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Krajec Anna Krajec Dustin Hogan / Dr. Moore Christian Formation 11/12/11 The Bus I have always imagined a bus. Since I was little it has made sense to me that those in heaven might be able to visit those in hell, and vice versa. People visiting from hell would be able to see what they were missing out on; people visiting from heaven would get to see what they had avoided. Heaven was good and hell was bad. In eighth grade, a good friend came to me. “How is it,” she asked, “that people aren’t sad when they get to heaven and their loved ones aren’t there?” Her question stumped me. I still distinctly remember her question, as it kick- started my own contemplation of heaven. Of course, I had always known about it—people talked about it at church and I knew heaven existed, but I had never before had much reason to consider it in any kind of depth. I had my ideas about the bus, and I knew God would be there when I got to the “pearly gates” I always heard about. But my friend’s question—and the ones that I came up with thereafter—were good ones, and, I thought, deserved my attention. It has been years since then and I still have only a relative belief about what exists after we die. C.S. Lewis had his own ideas, expressed in The Great Divorce , and which, oddly, line up relatively with my own. In the summer between my sophomore and junior years of high school, I was finally given a reason to consider heaven and what it really meant. Dan, the brother to my boyfriend and someone I had watched grow up, had died. He went to bed healthy one night and simply never woke up again. Suddenly there was all this talk about Dan “waking up in heaven,”
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Krajec “walking the streets of gold.” His girlfriend spoke during his funeral, recalling the last conversation they had in person, which had been about the splendor and glory that awaited them in heaven. For a few years I had already been wrestling with what heaven—and conversely, hell
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The Great Divorce - Krajec Anna Krajec Dustin Hogan Dr...

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