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Author- Richard Rhodes Published by: Alfred A. Knopf- division of Random House New York Distributed by: Random House New York Year- 2002 Author's Note THESIS: ". is impossible to understand how the Holocaust unfolded without knowing this part of the story, because the Einsatzgruppen massacres preceded the invention of death camps and significantly influenced their development." (xii) "Another answer is that the Einsatzgruppen story offers insights into a fundamental Holocaust question: What made it possible for men, some of them 'ordinary men,' to kill so many people so ruthlessly?" (xii) Begins the book by giving a story about visiting a mass grave with a friend and shows the deep emotional impact that the einsatz gruppens actions had on people Part One: The War in the East Chapter 1: Eastward From Pretzsch Many SS officers report to Pretzch, where they are assigned to an Einsatzgruppe. These groups would move into occupoed territories, and eliminate the enemies of the fatherland (3-4) Author focuses on individuals, their background and details about them Killed Polish Jews (6) Killed mentally, physically handicapped, taken from Germany to Poland, and killed there, face no persecutioning from the public(7) Germany holds west half of Poland, Russia East. Try to expel those living there so that Germans living elsewhere can move in(8) At first, executions seem justified by the Wehrmacht, but then realize senselessness of most, fear a revolt(9) Officers receive little training, basically just fire weapons, goal to eliminate enemies, follow orders (11) Find out going to Russia - follow Wehrmacht - Operation Barbarossa (12) Einzgatsgruped's A B C D - all go to different areas throughout Europe (12) "There was no need for large arms, MacLean concludes: 'The mission of the Einsatzkommando, after all, was execution, not combat.'" (14) Sent to Russia, fight not only behind the Wehrmacht, but with them on the front lines as well(15) War with russia was one of ideologies, and to secure Lebensraum - living space (17) Author states - final sentence - "No more sinister phalanx was ever loosened on the world." referring to the departure of the Einszatzgruppen into Russia (18) Chapter 2: Vicious Circles "The Third Reich was built on violence. It governed with violence, dominated Europe with violence, and provoked a violent response that finally destroyed it. The scale of its use of violence, not only its anti-Semitism, distinguishes it from other contemporary governments and regimes" (19)
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Anti Semitism a factor of life for many years, repeating itself. (19) Governments are supposed to regulate violence, monopolize it (19) But why did the violence toward Jews erupt? People have to be socialized to violence, it doesn’t just occur spontaneously (21) Uses work of American criminologist Lonnie Athens to understand why the Einsatzgruppen acted they way they did. She created a violent socialization process stage 1
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masters of death notes - Author Richard Rhodes Published by...

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