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ib_e07_separatingdata - Assistant 671718 Cowlins John...

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New Employee List Name Department Title Bee, Beth Planning Vice President Dee, Ed Transportation Vice President Henry, Gladys Production Manager James, William Planning Assistant James, Gloria Production Coordinator Johnson, Hal Marketing Manager Johnson, Julie Planning Manager Johnson, Beth Purchasing Buyer Jolly, Bernice Transportation Manager Lu, Gloria Marketing Vice President
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Current Employees ID Number Last Name First Name Department Title 101401 Angello Salvatore Transporation Manager 592889 Ball Gloria Warehousing Director 845966 Bee Bernice Production Vice President 110602 Best Jennifer IT Vice President 576409 Blu Natalie Warehousing Manager 855442 Charles Hale Transporation
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Unformatted text preview: Assistant 671718 Cowlins John Accounting Director 665153 Frank Bill Sales Regional Director 401034 Gil Anthony Production President 265349 Henry Keith IT Programmer 244502 Jay Mary Human Resources Vice President 876674 Keey Mary Accounting Manager 763649 Lite Bruce Human Resources Recruiting Manager 125544 Love Bill Planning Manager 402188 Lu Ed Sales Sales Associate 642109 May Bob Production Manager 592010 Ollie Olivia Production Director 146199 Santz Christopher Finance Manager 383428 Stiles Carlotta Purchasing Vice President...
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