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capitulo 9 - a File Restore 7 The correct file name for...

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Silvia Y. Rivera Capitulo 9 1. In part 2 of the book, you complete monthly accounting for which type of business? d. Service business. 2. Which type of accounting method does Vernon Firestone Designer use? b. Accrual accounting. 3. Vernon Firestone’s business type is a: c. Sole proprietorship. 4. What chart of accounts did you select for Mr. Firestone’s chart of accounts? d. Service Company. 5. Mr. Firestone uses which type of posting method? b. Real-time posting. 6. You can restore data by making which menu bar selection?
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Unformatted text preview: a. File; Restore. 7. The correct file name for backing up the chart of accounts and October 1, 2010 balance sheet is: a. Chapter 9 Chart of Accounts October. 8. Peachtree assigns the following shortened company name to Vernon Firestone Designer: c. \verfirde 9. The account type of Account No. 3920, Vernon Firestone, Capital is: c. \Equity-doesn’t close 10. When saving an Excel 2007 file, the automatic file extension is: b. xlsx...
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