The Internet - The Internet The Internet was originally...

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The Internet The Internet was originally designed by the United States Department of Defense to maintain data communication among computer systems in case of nuclear war. Internet is a global system that facilitates data transfer and communication services among interconnected computers called networks. A network is two or more computers and their related devices that are connected to share resources. Sometimes the internet is called a network of networks because it is a collection of computer networks, each of which is composed of smaller computer networks. Millions of people all over the world use the internet to exchange, store and retrieve information. In the late 1980s, the WWW was created at a research institute in Switzerland to organize the vast resources of the Internet. The WWW is a collection of web sites that uses servers (computers) to provide graphics and text pages. Web sites provide documents formatted in a special script called Hypertext Markup Language (HTML); which incorporate colorful images, dynamic materials, and hypertext that enable users to enter the world of multimedia at the click of a button. Internet Searches
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The Internet - The Internet The Internet was originally...

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