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Why Write? No matter what you are studying or where you will be working, it is important to communicate ideas in writing. Your success will depend on your ability to do this. Writing is important not only in college but in any career you enter. When you write, ask yourself 4 questions: 1. What is your goal? a. Are you writing to share an idea, complete and assignment, answer a question or apply for a job? b. Do you want to change their minds or take action? 2. Who is the reader? a. To who you are writing—a single person or a group? b. Is your reader likely to agree or disagree with your ideas? c. What information do you have to include to convince readers to accept your
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Unformatted text preview: views? 3. What is the discipline or situation? a. Each discipline, professions, business, or community has unique traditions, standards, expectations, values, and culture. b. The writing situation greatly shapes the way you present ideas and format the document. 4. What is expected in the document? a. When you write, make sure your message matches the nature of the documents. b. Dont expect people to read a ten-page e-mail or letter. You can improve your writing by studying past efforts. Writing improves with practice. Write as often as you can. Taken from: Get Writing: Sentences and Paragraphs. Author: Mark Connelly....
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