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ACROPOLIS OF ATHENS: HIGH CITY Classical Period Acro- high, polis- city: high city Heavily fortified Old site, mound reveals it transcend back to Neolithic era Greeks fought the turks in 1831 for independence Only one entrance called PROPYLAIA (pro-puh-lay-uh) Many facets of Athena: Athena the virgin Wise Goddess: owl Warrior Goddess: Helmet/shield w/ symbol medusa to ward off evil Goddess of immaculate conception: she has only a father, emerged from Zeus’s head) (find out the Greek names) SCULPTURE OF ATHENA within the PARTHENON ATHENA PARTHENOS Chryselephantine Chryselephantine Chryselephantine Bank, contains the wealth of Athens Made of ebony wood, core, and ivory 40 foot colossal statue of Athena only have Roman copies and Roman’s hearsay Two copies 1) (Var-vay-kuh-need). Aphrofufaneen something I cant spell Statue: frightens the enemy; holds the nike one the arm with her staff; ME crown; wearing a keiton (kee- ton) because it drapes and a MANTLE 2) on the shield alludes to a Persian battle with the Greeks battle with the Amazons, amazonomachy; within the shield is an elderly man that resembles Pheidias. Interior, is gigantomachy. On the soles of the sandals= centauromachy The room of the cella was tiled in black marble, trimmed with white marble. On the side were ditches, meant to catch the anointed olive oil that would hydrate the marble. Some way there was a pool of water in front of her. She would reflect, adding to the largess PARTHENON: Temple of Athena Parthenos Built in Classical Period following Persian War Sidenote: Middle ages became a Byzantine, then Roman Catholic Church. Ottoman conquest made is a mosque;
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