Archaic Greek Vase - Geometric: abtract ornamentation 1050...

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Geometric: abtract ornamentation 1050 BCE: Protogeometric (Ionian migration to Turkey) - decoration concentrated on shoulder and belly - semi-concentric circles on shoulder and concentric circles on belly Belly Handed Amphora with Horse: promise of imagery, placed down with no intregation with background EARLY GEOMETRIC: concentric circles disappear Lefkandi Centaur (900 BCE) Cheiron the kindly centaur, teacher of heroes and trained doctor. Gash on left knee from fight with Herakles. 6 fingers for wisdom. Teacher of Achilles Centaurs= disorder and chaos, barbarians, e.g. centauromachy Krater at Kerameikos, Fragment #1254 Horse and woman: horse means rank and ritual, women refers to grief 760 BCE: Literate Age returns LATE GEOMETRIC: the human figure returns as an abstract silhoutte Amphora: female Krater: male; tended to have more narrative prothesis (funerary narrative); prothesis scene (lying in state and mourning the dead) ekphora scene: funeral procession that leads the body to the burial site Dipylon Amphora by Dipylon Master (unknown master, gave him the name of the cemetery) Encyclopedia of “geometric motif” Women are shown in a specific iconography Between the handles is the prothesis scene Generic funerary scene Silhoutes: no modeling of form (no shading to give the suggestion of volume); reduced to geometric shapes; formulaic and schematic; rendered in flat, abstracted silhouttes Orientalizing: egypt recruited greek soldiers, who were known as mercenaries, to help fight oout the Assyrians from the land east of the delta. In exchange came contact with the NE and Egypt (orientalizing in sculpture) plus land in the area as reward
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Archaic Greek Vase - Geometric: abtract ornamentation 1050...

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