Art History Midterm Review

Art History Midterm Review - ART HISTORY MIDTERM REVIEW:...

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A RT H ISTORY M IDTERM R EVIEW : F ALL S EMESTER CCSF I N THE KNOW IDENTIFY THE ARTWORK , THE ART PERIOD , AND ITS SIGNIFICANCE Paleolithic 1. Claviform : Paleolithic abstract symbol, two triangle protrusions between two ends; naturally shaped; denotes pregnancy 2. Punctuations: in linear and spiral formations 3. Scrutiform : shield-like forms 4. Axial Gallery at Lascaux Cave : “Birthing canal,” Pregnant female cows and bulls, magdalenian period, integration of rock shape to enhance spatial effects, charcoal contour lines, stenciled body using ochre mineral pigments; blowing application is with a reed/bone 5. Main Gallery at Lascaux Cave: Hall of the Bulls, monumental male bulls superimposed onto smaller bulls from the Aurignacian/Perigordian phase; unicorn figure: pregnant and the only female 6. Nave/Apse of Lascaux Cave: Swimming Dears, incomplete figure, charcoal depiction on an overhang 7. Bear from the Chauvet Cave: foreshortened animal, projected in space; contour lines using charcoal, the lines transition from thick to thin suggesting distance, monochrome 8. Overlapping Horses from the Chauvet Cave: incomplete, just the neck and head; emerging from behind a rock; overlapping; highly advanced technique (even though oldest cave) 9. Foreshortened Bull from Chauvet Cave: emerging, projected in depth; stenciling creates shading/contrast which gives the illusion of modeling of form 10. Bison Relief: additive sculpture, bulges suggested shape and modeled clay over it 11. Venus of Willendorf: Austria, Paleolithic; limestone; subtractive method of carving; anatomical exaggerations; emphasizes NURTURANCE because she places her hand over her breast; traces of red ochre on her nipples and face; incised triangle; focuses on female form; naturally depressed naval Neolithic 12. Venus of the Granary: shift away from birth, life, death cycle figurines of the Paleolithic era; focuses on female roles and not so much the form; incision on sculpture denotes agriculture importance
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Art History Midterm Review - ART HISTORY MIDTERM REVIEW:...

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