Art History of the Ancient World

Art History of the Ancient World - Art History of the...

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Art History of the Ancient World Fall 2011— CCSF Principles of Art History Definition of Art: A product of human design which is an arrangement of visual elements to shape how we feel, think, and in various ways, what we do. 1. Form 2. Content Analysis of Art: 1. Descriptive Criticism (Form; study of STYLE) 2. Interpretive Criticism (Content) Descriptive Criticism of Two Dimensional Works : study of style and form (purely visual aspects) Elements of Form 1. Line: A lines is path created by a moving point 1.A. Function: to outline a shape, create movement and emphasis, develop a pattern and texture, to shade and model using hatching, cross hatching and stippling 1.B. Linearity versus. Painterliness 1.C. Types of Line: Actual, Implied (series of dots or broken line), psychic (not real line, yet we feel a line) distinct, thick, thin, contour line (formed by an edge), straight, curved, angular, graceful, rough, aggressive 1.D. Direction: Horizontal (placid, stability), vertical (upward thrust, dignity), diagonal line implies action 1.E. Line quality influences overall emotional impact 1.F. The line suggests _________________ (e.g. projection in depth) 2. Color 2.A. Hue: pure color, colors seen in a prism to split light into separate wavelengths 2.B. Value and Tonality: tinting (white) or shading (black) the color using black and white 2.C. Intensity and Saturation: lower intensity by adding black, gray, or complimentary color 2.D. Primary (RYB), Secondary (OGV), and Tertiary Colors 2.E. Warm Colors (calm, recede in space) versus. Cool Colors (energy, emerge from space) 3. Light 4. Texture 4.A. Actual Texture (tactile qualities) 4.B. Visual Texture 5. Space: suggestion of depth in 2D work Composition: how an artist organizes—composes— elements of form in his/her artwork
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Art History of the Ancient World - Art History of the...

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