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Etruscan Art Style: Middle Eastern features (animals), HISTORIC style Chronology: 8 th century to 1 st century Greeks formed a colony in Rome during the Greek Ionian migration age (culture connection between the Greeks and the Etruscans) Sarcophagus from Cerveteri Located within a painted tomb Couple reclines on a DINING COUCH Cupped hand, used to hold an EGG EGG= symbol for life Conform to the Archaic style Apollo Archaic features: surface carving, repetitive pattern with the lines of the drapery, smile, unnatural pose
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Unformatted text preview: but more natural then Archaic Greece Comparison… Etruscan Alternative: clothed, and his weight is distributed in a different way; leans forward Interior of the Tomb of the Leopards Mural painting Banqueting couples, servants, musicians Men dark skin, women light skin Akin to Cretian motifs: landscape, dolphins Tomb of Hunting and Fishing Mural painting Spirit of a landscape, no violence Claudias Augustus Caesar...
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