Greek Vases Study Guide

Greek Vases Study Guide - Exekias Belly Amphora Painter...

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Unformatted text preview: Exekias Belly Amphora Painter Exekias painter and potter: Exekias painted and made me ADVENT OF REALISM. THE FORMAL COMPOSITION Style Grand style: Large figures Formal composition Large narrative & elegantly painted Attempt to show realism o Horse hair falling down helmet o Tyndareus himation has a series of folds, adds sense of texture & depth Details Belly Amphora A two handled vessel for storing liquid (oils & water or grains, nothing precious) Exekias may have invented this type of vase 61cm high 540-530BCE Inscriptions and Meanings Kalos inscription Onetorides is beautiful Four and three allude to type of game being played All figures identified Description of Decoration Side A Ajax and Achilles playing a board game A scene from a poem where they were playing as they were attacked by the Trojans Achilles on left, is the dominant figure as he has his full-body armour and his helmet. Taller than Ajax. Ajax on the right Shields either side of the scene. Side B: Return of the dioskurri Castor in the centre behind his horse Polydeuces playing with a dog to the far left Queen Leda and King Tyndareus and a boy flank Castor Composition The Vase: Two friezes centred around belly of the vase Bordered at the bottom by a double groundline Bordered on top by a lotus and palmette chain Handles separate the two main friezes & are decorated with heart shapes on single lines Rest of vase is black, except for a ray band at the base. Side A: All figures on a single groundline Composition very symmetrical Game in the centre framed by two figures whose curving backs mirror the shape of the vase Their heads form an apex, so a triangle is formed Reverse triangle formed by their spears, which lean in the opposite direction & can be traced to be in line with the handles, as do the shields Side B All figures on a single groundline Symmetry through horse being flanked by two figures on either side Three mini-scenes occurring: o Polydeuces with the dog o Tyndareus patting the horse o Leda offering a flower to Castor Illustration of depth as the viewer looks in three different places. Drapery Emphasis on detail, not depth Cloaks of Achilles and Ajax decorated with amazing detail: stars, spirals and flowers Realism shown as Achilles cloak bulges where his leather corslet should be Side B, King Tyndareus himation has a number of folds, giving an impression of depth Black Figure: Incision Eyes...
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Greek Vases Study Guide - Exekias Belly Amphora Painter...

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