Helenistic Art. Death of Alexander the Great

Helenistic Art. Death of Alexander the Great - HELLENESTIC...

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H ELLENESTIC P ERIOD 323- 30 BCE Phillip of Macedonia Begins with/ Alexander the Great’s Death to the Death of Cleopatra and Marc Anthony Hellenestic Style: Begins with the domiance of Alexander the Great Focus on Individualism and on Real Life Change in lifestyle and if effects the art Comsmopolitan. Emotional. Interest in People. Sculpture: Incorpotates space. Interacts with the viewers space. Theattrical and staged. Aggressive with their space TORSION. DOUBLE TWIST M AUSOLEUM AT H ALIKARNASSOS OR TOMB OF MAUSOLOSS Mausoleam derives from the name A satrap from the Persian Empire Located in Turkey Mausoloss (built by his wife) Nothing Remains Shapes of the base: Pyramid? Square? Double Frieze . Continuous: Amazon and Greeks On top is a quadrica (chariot drawn by four horses) and the chariot holds his wife and the deceased (wife= general?) SCULPTURE OF MAUSOLOSS Style= helenistic. Why= sunken eyes, open mouth, more emotional and sensual. Carving of the drapery is moe sunken. H EAD OF A LEXANDER THE G REAT AT T URKEY Special status when he lived. Marketed image was promoted by ARISTOTLE, personal tutor. Wrote a book about facial features. And loved AG’s face Stamped in coins and created portraits Hair= lion’s mane. Deep set eyes and Open parted mouth, manner of scopas S COPAS ( NEED TO IDENTFY THIS ARTIST AND HIS CHARACTERISTICS ) Transistional sculpture: Late Classical to Hellenstic World Well travelled and well known Develops the visual language for emotion Focused on the emotions of the face (classical Greece is focused on showing no emotion, preserving ethos) FIRST sculptore to show emotions, pathos All heads: Tilting heads back, an emotional gesture; deep sunken eyes; flared nostrils; furrowed eyebrows; open mouth Trademark: Somesort of reaction and response in face
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L YSIPPOS (Lys-ip-pos) Lysippoean style Court sculpture of AG Made all the portraits which then would be sent to AG’s conquered city states Instrumental in the worship of AG. Only Greek Ruler to be glorified and dignified during his lifetime
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Helenistic Art. Death of Alexander the Great - HELLENESTIC...

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