Roman Art - A NCIENT ROME CHRONOLOGY, 509-44 BCE 6th...

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ANCIENT ROME CHRONOLOGY, 509-44 BCE 6 th Century BCE) Etruscan Rule 509-202 BCE) REPUBLICAN RULE 146 BCE) Wars of Expansion, Greece and Pergamon become a Roman province 100 BCE) Etruscan absorbed into Roman culture 53 BCE) Traditional date for the founding of Rome 49-30 BCE) Civil Wars IMPERIAL AGE 27 BCE-400 AD 30 BCE) AUGUSTUS FIRST EMPEROR , Egypt made a province after the defeat of Cleopatra and Mark Anthony 14-68 A.D.) JULIO-CLAUDIAN EMPERORS: Tiberius, Nero, Cladius, Caligula 69-96 AD) FLAVIAN EMPERORS 98 AD) TRAJAN Emperor, greatest extent of Roman Empire 193 AD) Antoine Emperors: Marcus Aurelius 284 AD) Diocletian and the TETRARCHY, REORGANIZATION OF EMPIRE 306 AD) Constatine the Great: defeat of Maxentius Edict of Milan Adoption of Christianity as Imperial Religion Fouding of Constantinople 395 AD) Division of Eastern and Western Empires 479 AD) Fall of rome and Western Empire 1453 AD) Fall of Constantinople
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Triumphal Arch: Quintessential example of Roman Propaganda Art - Arches were the best way to convey a message to the general populous
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Roman Art - A NCIENT ROME CHRONOLOGY, 509-44 BCE 6th...

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