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ADV 561 4/4 Culture - What is culture? o Culture is learned, and often adapted to based upon the current culture involved in/living in - Culture is functional o Including how to greet each other Like kissing on the cheek, bowing, or shaking hands - Culture Is learned o Things picked up from parents Habits that your parents have that you adopt - Socialization o The process of yes’ and no’s that regulate how an individual behaves - Culture is Dynamic o American culture has changed throughout history, like the civil rights movement, or women’s rights o Culture is changing through technology as well
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Unformatted text preview: o This is also exemplified in the conflict in the middle east, how government is changing-Environmentally Dependent o The geographical features, and environmental features of a culture effect the way of life Like living amidst mountains and the struggle for travel and resources-Rejection of Culture o Like what’s going on in Libya, and the rejection of Kaddafi’s government o Rejection of arranged marriages in Muslim culture-High and Low Power Distance o The respect, and distance a relationship will go based upon the culture you are in-...
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