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ADV 561 4/7 Traditional American Values - Independence o Rooted in the history of the culture - Mastering o Like the moon race - Active Entertainment vs. Passive o Whether people are actively seeking or are passively just accepting information - Open o Comparatively other countries can be more closed to foreign relations, or people they are not familiar with - Placing the value on Parental Influence o Sometimes straying from the parents happens, when questioning the logic of the parents happens, or seeing the “greener grass” on the other side - Accepting of new technologies o Emergence of smart phones - Organized o Smart phones aid in keeping things organized - Rule following o Rules can only apply to others and not individuals Like not waiting at a red light - Horizontal relationships o Not really hierarchy in honor and respect, anyone has the ability to
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Unformatted text preview: communicate with anyone-Individual personality or group identity o Dressing differently Emerging Trends-Shifting away from materialism o May be a combination of both, in products that offer both the actual material product, but have a green aspect to them-Emphasis on Leisure o Not choosing to work extra hard, or to strive for raises and promotions as much, and choosing to take more leisure time-Spending now instead of saving for the future o Compulsive, debt, and making payments over time-Used to rapid accelerating change o Evident also in the job market with people often bouncing around jobs-Concerned with Risk o Avoiding committing to leases-Emotional Satisfaction o Stylish products that enable a certain emotional response from the consumer...
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