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Adv 561 February 3

Adv 561 February 3 - Steps in Family Buying Decisions-Too...

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Adv 561 2/3 These notes are in addition to the handout and PowerPoint slides. Lower Birth Rates - Example: In Russia they encourage reproduction by offering people a day off in order to reproduce Families and Households - A lot of different people in the family, and finding out who the decision makers are in the family is extremely important - In the household, the medium of television to communicate to family members is deteriorating o Trends show that more and more people are joining social networking, especially recent rapid growth in the middle age market The Family Decision-Making Process - It is key to find the influence of who is making the decision to buy o This affects where the marketing is directed. For example: Furby was marketed to kids, and made it the hottest toy.
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Unformatted text preview: Steps in Family Buying Decisions-Too many choices can be a bad thing Factors Influencing Inter-Spousal Influence-Certain products are geared toward a certain gender o Sports equipment is more tailored to men-Family Life cycle o Weather children are still living in the house, or they have moved out, newlyweds, retired etc.-Time Pressure o Trying to manage all the activities of the family and of the daily routine This influences buying decision like purchasing fast food for convenience and saving on time Intergenerational Influence-Children that are closer to the grandparents o Grandparents will buy toys that are advertised to them that are proposed to be popular for kids because that is their prime source of information...
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