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Adv 561 February 7

Adv 561 February 7 - Adv 561 These notes are in addition to...

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Adv 561 2/7 These notes are in addition to the notes given out in the previous class and the PowerPoint. - When selling to a business, it is harder to connect with them. Once a relationship is established, you must maintain the relationship in order to continue business with them. Components of the Business Buying Process - Once a relationship is established with a company, typically that company will not switch from your business unless the relationship is not maintained Evaluating Vendors - Experience with people who have previously done business with them is extremely helpful - Aggregated Buy in – good for small businesses Perceived Risk - If you have a company or product that is unknown, a company will have a lot of apprehension - Replacing of software that becomes obsolete quickly Complexity - The more complex the sale, the more you need to understand what you’re buying Time Pressure - Sub-optimization: working below the optimization level, where someone has
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