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ADV 561 2/10 In advertising you cannot always expect people to be the same personality type. Personality Types: Extraversion | Introversion Sensing | Intuition Thinkers | Feelers Judging | Perceiving How General Personality Traits Influence Consumer Behavior - Judgers will process a little bit of information and then move on with confidence - A perceiver will take a long time to process a decision and information and requires a lot of information to make a decision - Self Consciousness happens when a personality type will think too much about a decision - Self Monitoring – ads that will make the persona attempt to feel better about
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Unformatted text preview: themselves and present a product that can enable that feeling -Need for appreciation – always striving to be liked by other people-Need for achievement – like the Saturday night live character-Affect Intensity – getting upset over an electronic device not working properly or a car not starting Specific Personality Traits and Consumer Behavior-Market Maven – leader in terms of trend setting o Bad Example: Lipitor commercial with illegitimate doctor...
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