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ADV 561 February 14

ADV 561 February 14 - that backs it up Product Specific...

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ADV 561 2/14 These notes are in addition to the PowerPoint as well as the handout passed out in the previous class. Consumer Innovativeness - MEME’S – rumors that go through society, idea that spreads from one person to another o Example: Obama being born in another country, or the balance bracelets Opinion Leadership - Opinion Leader o Those who are resistant to scandal Product-specific Self-Confidence - Example: Apple products, purchasing a product simply because of the brand
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Unformatted text preview: that backs it up Product Specific Self-Efficacy-Need to come up with new ideas and creativity in order to reach consumers Product-specific Subjective Knowledge-The more people are knowledgeable, the more impact and credibility it will have around it Other consumption specific personality traits-Being coupon conscious o Specifically buying products simply because they have a coupon-Being value conscious and always hunting for the best deals on things...
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