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Adv 561 February 17 - o More people today find the validity...

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Adv 561 2/17 Symbolic Consumption - The belief systems people have, decide the people’s buying decisions - Product packaging may influence people’s buying habits for either the better or for the worse - People do things based on strange beliefs o Example: Ted video chimpanzee example Semiotics - Bad Semiotics – Gap changing their logo - Branding and how people identify the brand o Nike Swoosh, Golden Arches, Mercedes Benz Signs and their influence - Geico and the Gecko - Aflac and the Duck - Babies and E-trade How consumers perceive brands - High Brand Image o Louis Vuitton, Lamborghini, Gucci - Do consumers believe what the brand is saying about themselves?
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Unformatted text preview: o More people today find the validity of the brand in other places than from the brand itself Examples: Online reviews and peer reviews Types of Consumer Needs-The culture of customer Service o Those who shop or buy things from certain companies specifically for the experience of the brand Example: Nordstrom, Zappos • Customer service is the brand-Consumers who express their self image through the brands they use-Brand Image o Joyful, funny image – Jack in the Box Making fun of the corporate culture...
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