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Adv 561 2/24 Diffusion of Innovation - People purchase things, and weeks later the product is updated, or beaten out by something better - Difference between fad and a trend – a fad is temporary Fads and Fancies - Constantly insuring that a product is a trend and not a fad Why do some things catch on and others don’t? - The Qwerty keyboard – tried to make it the most awkward so that typewriters letter’s don’t get stuck - Dvorak keyboard was developed but did not catch on Diffusion of Innovations Theory - New ideas can spread much quicker due to much more effective communication, viral videos, and tools to make this happen - If there is an advantage over the old technology then people will upgrade and switch over - Communication channels o We are like tribes who share information back and forth
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Unformatted text preview: Resilience-A product should be able to transcend time – although they are few and far between, these products are truly successful-With innovation, products become obsolete Diffusion of Innovations -Awareness- within minutes of it being present in the world with communication The Adaption Curve-Innovators who line up to get the newest product-Early Adaptors who get it within a few months of release-Then there is a chasm and there is a need to aggressively do marketing Social System-Facebook, twitter, where people are communicating where they didn’t have the communication before-Example: In Egypt and Libya stories are still getting out Rogers’ Diffusion of Innovation- What the lifestyles are and what the benefits of the situation or product will be...
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