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Adv 561 January 31

Adv 561 January 31 - Factors Influencing Brand...

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ADV 561 1/31 These are the notes for January 31 st in addition to the handout and PowerPoint presentation. Reducing Dissonance - Reinforcing advertising o Example: Nike - Try to make the “losing choices look weaker o Apple vs. PC commercials What Marketers must do in order to reduce dissonance - Replacing ordinary people with attractive models, to enable consumers to put themselves in the ad Positive Post-Purchase Behavior - Getting consumers to be loyal to a company - Getting people enough information Brand Loyalty - Example: Always buying a certain type of toothpaste. o Always buying a Samsung Television o Apple Brand loyalty and brand extension so when purchasing an e- reader, their customers immediately go to the iPad
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Unformatted text preview: Factors Influencing Brand Loyalty-Sometimes people will choose the limited number of choices-If you have a big purchase you may reconsider the brand options-Level of Involvement o The experience economy – and the involvement or relationship with the product Example: Going to Starbucks-Authenticity o GM making claims of paying back a loan, but in fact only paying it back with another private loan Negative Post-Purchase Behavior-The consumer doesn’t repeat the purchase, or doesn’t say good things about the product or company Marketers Actions to Reduce Dissatisfaction-Requesting feedback on purchase o Example: Ticketmaster and Amazon...
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