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ADV 561 3/21 Attitude - Changing the attitude o Examples: Political campaigns and “mud slinging” Libya – like Omar, he does a lot of favors for people, as well as uses propaganda o Intention component Usually fairly week unless there is a lot of emotion connected to it - Consumer Belief o The emotional tie is much stronger than statistical facts Example: Statistically showing that your favorite sports team is the worst team in history, would not convince you to not root for them, it would only inspire you more - Product Attributes o Emphasizing the attributes Example: Car commercials showcasing the benefits of their car o Intangible Benefits Do not necessarily point to the actual benefits but more of the
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Unformatted text preview: status, and the cutting edge o Celebrity Recognition Kobe endorsing Turkish airlines o Brand Personality Geico: a humorous personality o Product category Apple: Think different campaign separates itself from the normal PC o Association with Competitors Tide commercials or Clorox bleach comparing to competitors with how clean they make things o Country or Geographic Area Association like Columbia with coffee Like the Swiss with chocolate Germans with cars Napa with wine o Ego Defense Axe, which makes you “look” better when wearing the product Work out commercials which emphasize what you will look like after using the product...
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