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Adv 561 3/31 Fear - Audi’s imitation of the Godfather movie, using fear to give an edge in the ad - An ineffective way of advertising using fear is when it is too fearful for the consumer o Example: Car accident commercials - FedEx using carrier pigeons o Carrier pigeons destroying a city was shortly pulled after Japan tragedy Humor - Is the most effective way to do commercials o Examples: E Trade commercials with the babies Sleep Effect - Not as apparent any more, but could clearly be seen in examples where “doctors” would support cigarettes
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Unformatted text preview: One-sided appeal-Example: Political radio Primary Effect-Being first in the market can either be an advantage or a disadvantage o If the product is a really good product then their shouldn’t be any fear, however if the competition produces something superior and improves upon it, it will not be as successful Foot in the Door-Example: Buying a car o Or even in restaurants Door in the Face-Example: Offering a ridiculously low price for a car, mainly to get the lowest price possible...
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