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Adv 561 March 7 - o Recite and repeat-Relevance o If the...

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ADV 561 3/7 Memory of Commercials - Comedy in order to remember the commercials o Bud light commercials, apple get a mac ads, Budweiser “wazupp” o After awhile the comedy loses it’s edge however o Heartwarming commercials can have this effect as well Memory of Experiences - Having a bad experience with technology and no place to take it - This causes bad word of mouth - Apple is an exception Memory - Works by the connection of synapses in the brain - Memory is created by past experiences or associations o The more association and experience you have with something the more retention you have Techniques for memory - SQ3R Technique o Survey - a macro view of how things fit together o Question – the overview o Reading – read it through o Reviewing
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Unformatted text preview: o Recite and repeat-Relevance o If the information is not important to you then you will not pay attention to it The more primed you are for a product the more likely you will be to receive the commercial Subliminal Exposure-Persuading people by flashing certain things, or using certain language like the video shown in class Probability-Prediction o New coke after the Pepsi taste test Conditioning-Repetition of a certain idea o Keep showing something over and over again-Operant condition o The more frequent, the more it will remember Endorsing-Buying a product because someone you trust is endorsing it-Nike getting lots of athletes in order to show the best athletes choose Nike...
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